UO Publish 72 Details Next Week

Bright Side of Life

Can you remember back to the beginning of July?. For me, since early July it’s been nearly 50 days of 100+ degree heat (38 degrees Celsius for the rest of you). That’s when we were told to expect the following:

After July expect to see the following:
· Clean up Britannia (the update formerly known as Spring Cleaning) – We are currently testing and evaluating about 850 items with turn ins and rewards
· Anniversary item additions
· Art resolution updates to the Enhanced client
· Veteran Rewards

Earlier today we were told this:

Look for information on Pub 72 and Ultima’s 14 year Anniversary later next week!

I’m not saying that next week’s details about Publish 72 in any way, shape, or form, make up for the account management issues and other problems that players in UO and our sister games Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online have been experiencing over the past week or two. I believe that while they are currently painful, those problems will eventually pass, hopefully with a positive outcome for all. Discussion of Publish 72 will be a nice diversion, and who knows, maybe they will get more of the issues sorted out by then.

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