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Since I’m flying solo for the most part these days, I’m going to be changing a few things about, and the focus is just going to be on the news and commentaries. You’ll see some links in the menus disappear or redirect you to or other websites. This is something I should have done several months ago.

It’s not going to slow down or change my posting on, it just means that a few things I had planned on doing on this website, I will probably be contributing them to as it seems a more logical place to write them.

Of course, if you’d like to contribute – articles on UO, commentaries, upcoming events, etc., by all means Contact Me and I’ll see that they are posted.

Basically, is going to strictly revolve around news, events, and commentary. Yes, I know, that’s what it’s basically been for some time now, but this is basically a formal declaration. I’m also going to be more active within the community, but a lot more about that later.


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