Ultima Aiera Turns 7, Adds Digital Lycaeum

I missed it, but yesterday was the 7th birthday of Ultima Aiera, and WTF Dragon has posted a summary of UA’s birthday:

I think I can finally say that the site has finally arrived, now in 2011, at the place I intended it to be lo those many years ago. This site really is the place to come for information about “all [the] remakes, patches, and Ultima-inspired projects and utilities out there on the web”.

If you’d like to take a peek at his first post, have at it, but WTF Dragon is doing something far more interesting for the 7th birth, he’s launching the Digital Lycaeum, which is very ambitious and will be well received as it was sorely needed. Here’s his take on it:

Over the years, and through many fine projects, Ultima fans have generated a lot of music, artwork, and even 2D and 3D graphical assets. My aim, in launching this Digital Lycaeum, is to bring together in one convenient repository as much of that content as possible, for other aspiring Ultima fan project teams to take advantage of and use in their own works. To that end, this site will allow registered users to upload all manner of game assets which, once they are vetted, can be downloaded and used for free by any and all interested groups. Interested users will also be able to sign up and post reviews of content…and maybe even other Ultima projects; I haven’t decided on that last point just yet.

If you are interested, you can visit the Digital Lycaeum.

And speaking of Ultima and Origin stuff, today the Wing Commander Combat Information Center celebrates its 13th birthday. In celebration of this milestone, the CIC is featuring “Newly released behind-the-screens material from every Wing Commander game!” and a live report from my hometown, Austin, Texas.

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