Another Update on UO Account Center Migration, Plus Return to Britannia Returns

Calvin Crowner, UO’s Producer, has posted the following update about the Account Center Migration:

Account Center Migration: Update

First, I want to thank all of you for your patience during this migration. Our operations team as well as Customer Support, and the game team have been working hard to make certain the migration goes smoothly.

In order to allow those accounts which may have gone inactive during this time to return to play UO, we have enabled the Return to Britannia login process. This will allow inactive and non-banned accounts to enter the game and play.

Also, we have put backend processes in place that will keep houses from also going inactive.

We have placed a thread (here) for anyone who has questions regarding the migration not answered in the FAQ. Once the account center is live, it will also be a place to update you about the account migration.

Important note: DO NOT post password or user account information on the forums!

One final note on the account center migration: If you have purchased gametime, expansions, or boosters in the last few days please do not make an attempt to apply them.

Once the account center is moved, and user data validated, game servers may come down for an extended period of time to confirm logins and gamecodes work correctly in the production environment. Our goal is to keep gameplay interruption to a minimum. We will keep you updated as this time approaches.

I have no idea how long the Return to Britannia program will be. Personally, I believe it should be permanent – allow any previous player to come back for a certain amount of time (2 or 4 weeks for instance) at any time.

As for the forum thread, see the Stratics thread for more details if you are having issues or questions.

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