Origin Publish: Fishermen and Ladies, Pirates, and Boaters Rejoice

Technically, if you aren’t on Origin, don’t start rejoicing just yet. Origin has to test it out first, but once the devs are happy, the rest of the shards will get it. Given how specific the bug fixes are, my guess is that we’ll see it elsewhere within the week.

On to the details, at 2pm EST, Origin received a published to address the following issues:
* Runes for decayed or otherwise destroyed ships will now reset when they are attempted to be used.
* Players will now receive keys for legacy ships instead of runes
* Dry-docked ships should now leave the world correctly.
* The harbormaster now only gives a rune for the ship owned by the character instead of for all ships owned by that account.
* Ships should now hue correctly based on type

It should address the biggest problems people were having with their ships.

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