UO is Getting Old (Still Worth It) has started a new series, similar to Massively’s The Game Archaeologist, where they take a look at some of the older MMORPGs that are still around.

They are kicking off the first article in the series with a look at UO, titled: “Ultima Online: UO is Getting Old” with the tagline “But it’s still worth romping around in.

It’s a good article, with some positive things that point out how it’s still around after nearly 14 years:

Of course the wealth of players is one thing, but the actual gameplay is the real mainstay for any aspiring returner or newcomer. Ultima Online has thankfully aged well, and this is due in part to the general direction of new MMORPGs. Simply put, Origin’s creation misses out on feeling archaic simply from the virtues of its sandbox nature. There aren’t many games that attempt what this title does – the skill system is unique, the tools for crafting, building, and creating virtual life are all here, and these are some of the reasons the game is still so infinitely playable today. The amount of skills to choose from is staggering, and the complexity and depth of affairs are enough to excite anyone looking for an online game with more to it than semi-consciously left-clicking and accepting quests.

They actually don’t really have anything negative to say about the graphics, although they bring up that a new player can find it a daunting task without the help of current players.

It’s well worth a read.

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