Ultima Online Publish 71.0 Pushed to Origin

Earlier this month, we got details on Publish 71. Today on UO Herald, it was posted that Publish 71 would be coming to the Origin shard today, which puts it that much closer to the other shards.

In between July 5th and now, the UO devs have worked on a few more bug fixes.


We’ll push Publish 71.0 to Origin today, Tuesday 19th at 11:00 am EDT. This requires a short downtime: we expect the shard to be back online within an hour no later than 12:00 pm EDT.

Please check the previously posted Publish 71.0 Notes. There are some additional changes:

Bug Fixes
* Fixed the problem with transferring an increased storage home to a player without increased storage to their accounts.
* The tentacles of the Harrower should not spawn in unreachable locations any longer/
* Removed the archery property on gargoyle jewelry/
* Made it easier to get the Fishing Book 6.
* Fishing hooks can not be applied to Siege Only fishing poles with less uses than the hook.

I like the amount of work going into bug fixes.

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