Ultima Online – Holiday Update From the Producer

Calvin Crowner, the producer of Ultima Online, has posted a Producer Holiday Update to the UO Herald.

Before everyone heads off to face Independence Day traffic, I wanted to give you all an update.
Our overall goal this year was to keep a healthy cadence of small to medium publishes, fleshing out our current in-world content, while also offering more exploration. Less fiction more in-game activity. Shorter story arcs, more replay ability … so with that, here is the update:

Currently, some PvP changes we held on to for a few months have made it to Test Center. We have already gotten some initial feedback from North American, European, and Japanese communities, and are adapting the feedback accordingly. There are a few changes, and in this case, we think change is good.
Next week (after we return) we will be posting patch notes and adding High Seas content. We have tested and evaluated a new sea encounter, as well as updated rewards and elements of the fishing quests.

In addition, in the next several weeks, we’ll be adding client crash fixes, publishing the second phase of the current live story Ter Mur, and releasing a healthy dose of gameplay bug fixes.

We decide to split all of our content into two separate publishes.

After July expect to see the following:
· Clean up Britannia (the update formerly known as Spring Cleaning) – We are currently testing and evaluating about 850 items with turn ins and rewards
· Anniversary item additions
· Art resolution updates to the Enhanced client
· Veteran Rewards

None of this information should be new to those who have been following the boards and patch notes, but for those who are returning … and there has been a sizeable number of you … welcome back, and keep watching for updates.

Thanks to all of you have participated and taken the time to give us feedback on the latest in PvP changes … if you have not take a wander over and let us know what you think.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has participated in the Talents of Sosaria … for those who cannot draw or sculpt … if you have the inclination — please submit any house decorations for the 4th of July weekend to Mesanna.

Be safe and have a joyous weekend!

P.S. …. We have noted that there is a leadership vacuum in Britannia … Wait until you see how we fill it

I’m liking the more frequent updates from the dev team in regards to what is coming.

Things I like:
* Adding to or revamping already-established areas instead of adding new areas.
* High Seas updates
* PvP updates

And the two most important things in my view: high resolution art updates for the Enhanced Client (EC) and bug fixes. I think the high resolution art updates are very important to the future of UO and bringing in old and new players, but the bug fixes are just as important. For a while it seemed like they were an afterthought, but from what I’ve seen and read, it sounds like there are bug fixes constantly being added.

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