Are We Getting PvP Arenas Soon?

There is a very short blurb up on UO Herald today, posted by UO’s Associate Producer (Bonnie Armstrong), mentioning “PvP updates” and the Test Center being down:

We will be taking down TC1 to get ready for a PVP update. Please check stratics tomorrow for full details of all the upcoming changes.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

I don’t know why they would post full details of upcoming changes on Stratics instead of UO Herald, but as soon as I hear about them, I’ll post them.

If you are unfamiliar with the Arenas concept, part of it was tied to the update last month that allowed you to directly copy one of your characters over to the Test Center. That’s copy, NOT transfer. You could then test out a character from a production shard on the Test Center. It would also allow you to take characters from one production shard and match them against other players’ characters.

Back in March, UO’s lead developer, “Supreem” discussed a bit about the need for character copy before arenas went into testing:

Supreem: It needs more work before it can go to a test center and we really want to make sure Character Copy is working before we open our arenas so that you can bring your live characters there, we don’t want to have to force you to spend hours setting up a character so that you can test arenas for us.

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