Community Spotlight: Guardsmen Militia of Yew (Europa)

I’m going to try and make more time to highlight a few player-run groups a week. This week, it’s the Guardsmen Militia of Yew at Stonekeep (Europa).

As their flyers say, they are mostly looking for those who are new to Ultima Online or Europa, but are more than happy to take on those who have been around.

Starting this Thursday (June 16) and every Thursday thereafter, they are invite all new and old players to:

..come along to an evening patrol, hunt, or expedition to Dungeons and different places of Britannia, tokuno, Ilshenar, or Malas.

Our aim is to get everyone to interact with each other, train, teamwork, train your personal skills, and earn some money, but overall, have lots of fun.

The Guardsmen Militia will have veterans leading the event, which will grant you someone with experience to ask if there’s something you don’t understand.

Date: Every Thursday
Time: 8pm BST
Where: Yew Moongate, Trammel
Equipment: B.Y.O.G. (Bring your own gear)
Contact: ICQ 345485202 (Nathaniel Hawk, Rookie Guard)

* Official Website
* Thread at UO Forums

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