Pacific Shard Undergoing Some EM, Event Changes

EM Cyno Raziki has posted a lot of interesting news about the status of events and EMs on the Pacific shard for interested UO players.

Last week, EM Cyno Razik hosted a Pacific House of Commons (HoC) chat to discuss the Pacific shard, and quite a few things came out of it, including some changes to events.

During the HoC , it was announced that EM Kaz is leaving the EM program due to real-life matters. Mesanna, UO’s associate producer, has told EM Cyno Raziki that there is already an EM replacement who will be undergoing training and joining Pacific later this month (May).

EM Kaz’s departure does affect the “Persistent Quests” that he had setup, and those are temporarily suspended until EM Cyno Razik can go over them with the new EM.

Among the changes to make participation easier:
* Royal Investigator point system
* Book turn-in requirements
* Ongoing storyline arcs will have their own pages/links on the website, along with summaries of what has previously happened.
* A “Date” keyword for the NPCs, so that players can easily figure out what is going on.

Specific Events:
* Stoyrline arcs like Savage Crisis, Daemonic Crisis, Ancient Temple
* One-off events like Drunken Knife throwing, Albino Fire Ant, Fishing contests

* There will be discussions with Felucca-based guilds in regards to future events, including PvP and Capture-the-Flag once communication is established with those guilds.

Also, there will be EM-related events to meet up with the EMs and discuss in-game issues and events, including House of Commons (HoC).

Easter’s events will continue through May 8, so there will be no EM-related events this week. May 12 and May 15 will see EM events, but no details.

Full details:

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