2011 Festival of the Grape Harvest (LS) – April 16

One again I’m showing a little prejudice towards LS, but you are more than free to contact us with events on other shards. Anyways, this weekend, Saturday, April 16, 2011, it will be the 2011 Festival of the Grape Harvest on Lake Superior.

EM Autolycus has posted this invitation:

Join us out front of Empath Abbey this Saturday, April 16th, for 2011′s Festival of the Grape Harvest. The monks have processed the latest harvest of grapes, and are happy to pull out their finest vintage in celebration.

Let’s take advantage of their selfless giving of booze alms; get drunk, throw some darts, and other miscellaneous acts of silliness…

When: Saturday, April 16 at 7pm CST / 8pm EST

Where: Out front Empath Abbey and the Ye Olde Winery, Trammel. Gate provided from New Haven bank.

via: Lake Superior Events

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