UO History in Maps and Trinkets

I spend a lot of time talking about the future of UO, but it’s always fascinating to look at how far UO has come and where it started. WTF Dragon at Ultima Aiera has posted a couple of articles showing Ultima Online’s past.

The first covers an image of the original Ultima Online map, much of which didn’t make it into UO, which he notes probably due to server or other technical issues, or at least it didn’t make it into UO as shown. If you follow some of the links in the comments, they’ll take you to Raz’s Ultima Online History page which talks about some of the maps of UO as well.

Original Ultima Online map (the game only shipped with the top-left corner), Sony Online Entertainment, San Diego

The second article covers over 100 photos of rare items that the Origin Museum has collected, and several of these are related to UO. Some of these, you all may even own:

Ultima Online keychain UO World's Faire pin

Ultima Online Necklace UO Artifacts-2

UO T shirt-front Ultima Online Shirt-2-Front

Click on the images for much larger versions.

One of these days I will get around to posting my UO collection.

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