What Happens When You Win the New Magincia Lottery?

So you’re playing Ultima Online, you enter the New Magincia lottery for a shot at a unique housing development.

What happens if you actually win a plot? Like say a few minutes ago when the server came up from maintenance.

This is what happens – you get a message that you then open and well, I’ll let the video speak for itself.

My only question is why don’t they expand the messaging system, would be really nice to have a universal in-game messaging system like this, allowing players to send messages to one another.

If you are curious what I’m going to do, I don’t know yet. I won this on my main account (don’t have many), but the character I won this on was my “reporter” character that is used to dying and so doesn’t carry anything on him normally and I need to scrounge up some gold and a house placement tool and see if I can actually fit a 15×15 there. I really didn’t expect to win, but I am thinking of doing something interesting with it. I figured that if I was going to win, it would be a Fel plot and one of the limited plots where you could only buy one ticket. Maybe I’ll make this the in-game offices of UOJournal.com, or I’ll wait and see how the neighborhood turns out. I would like to be a part of a themed area.

The deed says I have 22 days, so more than enough time.

Oh, and the odds for that plot, there were 131 tickets sold – I checked shortly before the shard went down for normal maintenance. I’ll be posting the rest of the totals later today, but I can say that, barring any heavy buyers in the last half hour before the shard went down, that Lake Superior totals for both Fel and Tram were, drum roll please, 2,728,896,000 in gold.

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