Lake Superior 2011 Rares Fest Ends, Bag Winners Announced

The Lake Superior 2011 Rares Fest has officially closed, although vendors will be around for a few days.

The Petal from the Golden Lotus of Heaven contest winners were officially announced.

Bag Decoration Pictures #1
Bag Decoration Pictures #2
(There are some repeats in #2 – bags that had been messed up before were fixed)

Mokey Fraggle annouced the winners:

3rd place – 10 points each
“Spring Swing” by Magdalaine (Lake Superior) – 10 points
“Basket in Grass” by Carmelina (Europa) – 10 points

2nd place
“Puff the Magic Dragon” by Robber (Great Lakes) – 13 points

First place, Winner of the Petal of the Golden Lotus From Heaven
“A Japanese Easter Bunny” Yukimas (Atlantic) – 21 points


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