Lake Superior 2011 Rares Festival – Auction House

Yesterday I mentioned the list of events currently happening during the Lake Superior Rares Festival, and one of the ongoing events is the auction house. There are auctions taking place as we speak, including buy-outs, and even if you are not planning on bidding on anything, this is a great chance for people to check out rares in person that they might not have seen before now, and might not see again.

It’s not hard to miss – it’s the largest/tallest building that’s a part of the festival:
Ultima Online - Laker Superior Rares Festival 2011 - Auction House

Even if you’re not interested in any of the rares, it’s a very unique experience – very busy, and you’ll run into a lot of people, more than what you normally see at the banks.

The easiest way to get there is still to head towards the Luna bank (inside) in Malas and then take the convenient Moongate that is located at the main entrance to the bank. It has appeared near the main Luna Moongate, but seems to be staying at the entrance to the bank. It’s one of a couple of ways of getting there and will probably be the most convenient for many.

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