Chesapeake Fishing Hall of Fame – Big Ten Tournament, April 2 – 13

If you are planning on doing some fishing on Chesapeake, there is a great contest going on from today, April 2, 1011 through April 13. Prizes include gold, Fishing skill scrolls, and Fishing Alacrity scrolls and contest categories cover a wide range.

Contest Details
* Fish can be turned in at anytime during the tournament
* All entries must be turned in by Wednesday, April 13, at 2:00pm ET
* Open to everybody, and multiple categories can be entered/won

* Must be placed in the Fishing Hall of Fame mailbox
* Must be in a container with a book that has your name, the category, and whether you’d like your fish to be displayed in the Hall of Fame, and whether you’d like it back after the tournament is over.
* Ties will be handled using the chronological order, or in a “Face Off Challenge” if fish were caught on the same day.

Full details: UO Forums – Chesapeake Fishing Hall of Fame – Big Ten Tournament

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