The Beginning of the End (EM/VirtueBane Events Coming Up!)

It’s going to be a busy weekend, with plenty of EM events taking place.

The Virtuebane story arc, In the Shadow of Virtue, is starting to wrap up, with some shards holding EM events tonight and others through this weekend.

For instance, Lake Superior’s EMs have posted this:
The time has come to put an end to all this chaos once and for all! The, hopefully, FINAL push against Virtuebane will occur in but two days! All able bodies are requested to aid in this dire time.

When and where?!?!
Friday, March 25!
7PM Central / 8PM Eastern!
Britain – Castle Trammel!

You probably should check your individual shard forums at Stratics or UO Forums

There is a very nice piece of fiction/back-story to the upcoming event(s) written by EM Drosselmeyer (EM from Chesapeake). The following is just an excerpt, for the full story, see the link at the bottom:

Virtuebane towered over those who had followed him devoutly, his Bane Chosen, as he stood in front of them where they had assembled. They looked to him anxiously and eagerly awaiting his latest commands, curious as to the reason they had all been summoned here. Virtuebane spoke to the gathered in a voice that commanded their full attention, and all other chatter was silenced in a moment.

“Our time is at hand, my chosen! The Britannian’s leader, Queen Dawn, has fallen! They are losing morale, and soon will lose everything! I have promised you all that your faith and your devotion would be rewarded. Are you ready to follow me in this final step towards our victory?”

A resounding chorus of cheers and assent rippled through the vast army of Bane Chosen, the dragon riders rearing their ferocious mounts back on two legs while the hound masters commanded their pets to let out a harmonious howl. The clamor of metal on metal rang through the air as warriors and recruits smacked their weapons along their shields. Virtuebane’s face adopted as wide a grin as his inhuman features would allow.

“You have all been chosen, and your loyalty will now be rewarded! You will serve me in a greater capacity than you could ever have imagined.”

With that, Virtuebane extended his hands and gestured towards his army. At first, it seemed that nothing was happening, but then a change began to take place. Rank after rank of the Bane Chosen found their bodies pulsating with power, their forms seeming to shimmer. Then in a moment of dazzling brilliance, what had been an army of dragon riders, recruits, and hound masters had transformed. Before Virtuebane now stood a vast swath of new troops, completely loyal to their master. Virtuebane gestured with a hand, and the horde of ancient hellhounds all rang out in one voice together. With this task complete, he stalked away to finish his preparations.

Full story: UO Herald

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