Publish 70 Patch Notes for Origin

The UO devs have been busy working on Publish 70 on the Test Center for the past week, and so some changes have been made as Publish 70 is pushed out to Origin.

I’m only going to list the changes over the Publish 70 notes (linked above):

Magincia Planting System (Changes = bold)

Players are able to plant seeds in grassy areas around Magincia by using a hoe. The players will have to maintain the upkeep of the seeds to keep them healthy. Only the owner of the seed can take care of the plant . The plant will be tagged with the owners name and the date he/she planted it. Players will be able to dig up the plants after they have matured and they will continue to keep the player’s name, the date planted and the date harvested. Players can use the blue crystals to magically advance the growth of a plant in Magincia. You will be able to find 2 Gardeners that will see the hoes needed to plant seeds in Magincia.

Bug Fixes

* The reward weight of the lobsters and crabs has been adjusted
* You can now have your parrots on your Brit Ship without losing it when you move
* You can now place one tile soul forges on your Brit Ship
* Moongate name was changed from Magincia to New Magincia.
* Cleansing Winds will not heal after removing Mortal Wound any longer.

Enhanced Client – 2D Paperdoll mode

* In the enhanced client you can switch to the classic paperdoll for viewing. The option is found under the legacy tab in the settings window.

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