A Sense of Entitlement in UO

I really don’t like to do actual commentaries on here, but the sense of entitlement that some have is just insane these days, and some of the things I’ve seen players do lately is just, how do I put it. I’ll just say it doesn’t help the image of UO.

Tonight at the memorial service held for the Japanese victims of last week’s earthquake, somebody decided that since there were EMs in attendance, that they should receive something.

Keep in mind that this was an event organized by Queen Mum of UOForums.com. Queen Mum is not an EM or an employee of EA. Queen Mum is a player who cares a lot about the UO community.

This was not some kind of event where there was an EM challenge or we participated in some fight against an EM-controlled Virtuebane.

This was a memorial service that was organized by a player. The EMs and Mesanna showing up to attend was very nice, but this was still a player event. That didn’t matter to some. They decided to spam us with all caps and swearing and they were upset that the EMs weren’t giving them something, and were very upset when other players pointed out that this was a player event.

It’s probably best to watch that on YouTube.com (link) and watch it in 480p in expanded view.

This is my opinion, and my opinion only, and does not represent the views of anybody else mentioned in this article or this video.

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