Publish 70 Test Delayed One Day, Blue Crystal Owners Happy

So the plan was to roll out the Publish 70/New Magincia to the Test Center tomorrow, using a backup of Great Lakes. That’s been pushed out a day to Thursday, March 17, 2011, however blue crystal owners rejoice, they will be used in the growth and rebuilding of New Magincia. The reason given for the one-day delay is due to some internal testing. The clients will need to be patched, and this will involve a restart and update of all shards on Thursday at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central. They should be back online within a few hours. Full details:

While the preparation for the launch of Pub 70 to the test center is in full swing, our internal testing on the changes to Magincia require one more day of review. Pub 70 will be available on Test Center this Thursday, March 17.

The client patch for Pub70 requires a server restart. Therefore on Thursday, beginning at 3:00 pm EDT we will bring down all shards. We expect all shards to be back online no later than 5:00 pm EDT.

As an additional note, we have added a purpose for the blue crystals so many players have asked about. They will have a use in the growth of Magincia.

There may have been an additional comment about starting new characters and where their starting location would be, which was tied to the client/shard updates, but it has been removed.

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